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Fridge dough: get to room temp faster how?

My dilemma:
I do some proofing (most of it ) night before, then put in fridge. it proofs a little more but far slower. wake up and it's proofed enough, and I want to start rolling it out and baking. but it takes 2 hours? for the dough to get to room temp. ie i take it out of fridge in morning and have to wait 2 hours. lots of time gone...how can i speed up this process? ie how to make it get to room temperature faster? Or should i just leave the dough to proof overnight outside of fridge?

was doing this with brioche, but would apply to pizza dough as well i guess

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Never did it but try turning the oven light on and setting your dough in the oven for awhile. It should cut the time down some. Maybe half, I don't know.
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Heat a microwave bowl, half filled with water to a temp of 120' F. or in the microwave oven. Place your bowl of bread dough, covered with plastic wrap, on top of the water filled bowl Close microwave and let rest 15minutes or so. Knead to mix the warm outer dough with the colder inner dough. If needed, repeat. This will bring the dough up to temperature, and get the yeast working, as well as relaxing the dough to form into bread, pizza, or whatever you will be making with it.

If your microwave isn't big enough to do this, heat the bowl that's half filled with water as above. Preheat oven to 150' F by checking an oven thermometer as it preheats to its lowest temperature. Turn off you oven, place water bow in, and dough bowl on top. Let sit for 15 minutes. Heat water again if required.

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If you have a microwave/dehydrator/convection oven, you can set it to dehydrate until it heats up, then open it to cool it a little and put the bread in the bowl in that.

Or if you have a dehydrator you can set a temperature of 95, set the bowl covered with plastic over it, into it, for a half hour.

Or run warm/hot water (not too hot) in the sink, and set the bowl in the sink, a metal or glass bowl would be best.

Or use the suggestions above.
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Originally Posted by Boskin View Post
how to make it get to room temperature faster?
Find a colder room?
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One of the best features of my fairly new gas range is the "Proof" setting. Its perfect.
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dough, fast

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