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Question Humidity issue with caramel

My Mom has a family recipe for caramel that we have been using forever. Normally the candy is cooked poured into a cookie sheet to cool, then cut into strips, then the strips into bite size pieces for wrapping. Herein lies the problem. During the warmer months of the year, we live in Salem, MA, the candy sticks to the wax paper wrapper that we use. It doesn't bother me so much, because the candy is so good, I can put up with scraping off the little bit of paper that is stuck. However giving them as gifts or bringing them to a party is out of the question, unless you spend the extra time to dip them in chocolate...lol. This does not happen during the fall and winter, only during the warmer part of the spring and summer. The candy developes a "sweat" when it is cooling. Does anyone know of any ratio changes in sugar and corn syrup, cooking temps, etc. that would counteract this problem??? Please help.


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Steve, I also live in a very humid area, especially in the summer months. I'm not sure there is anything you can do to counteract the effect. Work during the times of day when it is least humid, maybe? Maybe others have ideas. Welcome to DC!

Saludos, Karen
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sugar attracts moisture. and since it will be humid there is nothign you can do.

You can try having the air conditioner on and maybe buy a dehumidifier and put it in the room while you are working. and like MKaren said do it during the less humid times of days.
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My pastry instructor in college told me that the best days to make caramel is when there is a lot of static in the air. Dry, cold air is best to create static, and is also the best to make caramel.
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Out of curiosity, how do you make caramel ?? MY friends grandmother made it when we were really little, and at that point, i was just interested in eating it. But now, id like to know how to make it
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On a hot day, if caramels are too soft, cook them two degrees higher. In hot weather, the marble slab should only be used once a day. The heat will not leave it sufficiently cooled.

Unless you are really experienced, you should avoid making candy on rainy days.

Always test your thermometer.

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