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Scored exceptional beef from a local retailer

About a month or so back, I looked at the meat counter in a small store that is known in our area to carry better beef quality. I usually purchase my beef there. This market used to sell local beef. But as the times have changed, and product is not widely available, they purchase their beef from another supplier. Sadly, though it's still better than supermarket beef, it's usually not as good as it was in years past.

but I digress. Ass I was sayign, I looked in the emat counter, focusing on rib-eye steaks. They were all boneless. When the butcher lifted off the top row of steaks, I saw the most perfectly marbled steak I have ever seen in my life. I immediately purchased it and put it in my home freezer. Well, on Monday, I cooked it up, with one half for DW, and the other for me. Her's was seasoned simply with salt, and cooked to mediu. Mine, it was seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and cooked to rare. I didn't disappoint. Even fried indoors, on a grill pan, it was one of the best steaks I have eaten in years. It was so tender and flavorful that I will be wanting another one, just like it for a long time.

Now, I love my steaks cooked over charcoal. This steak, again cooked on a grill pan, rivaled anything that has come off of my grill. It was just that good. Just for grins, I pulled up pictures of Kobe Beef on line, to compare the marbling. it was strikingly similar. but mine was graded USDA Choice.

Like I said, it was a major culinary score for me, and DW. Sometimes, live throws you a bone, or a really great steak.

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North


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I love grocery stores that have a meat counter. Regrettably, I almost always do a drive by with my cart and head to the pre-packaged meat section. Sometimes Lately, I have just kept on going. Pre-package is not all itís cracked up to be, and Really, if one wants steak or any good cut of meat, this is not the section to be looking. Or buying. However, this is what is more affordable.

When I go shopping, I head to the meats dept fairly early, check whatís on sale ( yes, I read the adís, then promptly forget by time I get to the store), back track through the produce to determine what will go with it. Unless I already shopped the farmerís market, then anything will work, as I probably buy too much en summer.

I would love a good ribeye. I canít say I have ever had the most excellent ribeye. Jr has had more success and takes us out to steak places he likes. Ribeyes are what he likes the most and undoubtedly are what he holds to his standard. With wide open smiles it seldom comes up to my anticipation. Sometimes, the plain baked potato on my plate is more significant, well not really, and Of Course, I will neffer say this. !! We identify our perceptions and palates , and perhaps an errant go bragh I have yet to discern Ö

I am the Dad. I cook on the grill. Not so. Who made this rule. Jr gets to cook too. Itís hard sharing what was once my eminent domain, and unlike all things Elsewhere, the Mom does not hold an interest in outdoor cooking.

We is safe to play with fire. After all, and a hunnert years holding the platter up to nose level , he does cook mighty fine too. Did they not teach this as Rule #1 in BBQ school >> do not hover and never interfere with the Cook. Itís so easy and so very hard to let go and let be.
One of my best steak experiences. A friend and I went on a 2 week camping trip in the Boundary Waters. Canoe, portage, fish, live, die. Negotiate. Them or us. Or the mosquitoes.

Rules is rules. What ever you pack in, must be packed out. No garbage or waste leave behind. We had to eat all of this>> Our first night. Friendís GF sent along 2 porterhouse steaks, about 15 baziilion inches thick, each larger than a turkey platter packed at the bottom of a cooler. Surprise to me. I was thinking some freeze dry soup and perhaps some crunchy granola until we caught some fish. Silly me. We cooked these over an open fire with wood we collected, perfect med rare and rare along the bone, Canít say what else there may have been for dinner. Itís one of the best steaks I ever ate. Not sure if one can still collect wood freely in the boundary waters. I am pretty sure there are rules, touch and go regarding campfires, or camping freely outside designated places these days. This may or may not be the best steak I ever ate. It simply is one time that can not replicate.

Nor should one attempt to do so. A good steak is a good steak. And voilaí , then itís gone.

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There is a lovely local family owned butcher shop about 25 miles from my town. They deliver once a week. They do locally grown beef and pork. Usually Angus ( rather bland) and Hereford, never dairy breeds. I called this morning and they are cutting me some short ribs! I also ordered their high quality ground beef and some cube steak. Usually their prices are lower than the groceries, except for the ground beef (but it is soooo much better than the mystery meat at the groceries.). I may live in the middle of nowhere, but this is amazing. We often get a 4" thick full chuck roast (giant sized!) for Sunday family dinners. Hopefully this fall we want to get a half beef and a whole hog for our freezers. Did I mention that we added a 9x19 pantry off our kitchen for the freezers and 2 refrigerators? I'll also have the much needed storage for my bulk rice, beans, flour, pasta etc. we won't get it finished for another month or two.
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We have a local farm by us that sells all naturally raised, local meats. The flavor is outstanding and no supermarket can come close to the quality of meat they sell. Some may cost a bit more and some a bit less than the supermarket, but we know where it's from and what we are getting.
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