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Old 06-15-2009, 11:26 AM   #1
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Pork Chops with Gravy

made some delicious pork chops with gravy yesterday....got relatively thin, bone in chops, dredged in seasoned flour, browned in the pan (5 min per side), then made a pan gravy with onion....not sure how most of you would make your gravy, but i added a small amount of oil (there was almost no fat left from the chops) and made a light rue with some of the remaining seasoned flour, added beef stock/milk/onion/salt/pepper, and let it simmer.....once thickened a bit, i added back the chops for a few minutes

im sure this sort of recipe is very common for alot of people, but this is new for us....what makes me happy is that i didnt follow a recipe and just used my instincts, and am very proud to say that it came out AMAZING (possibly one of my top 3 favorites now, i was licking the pot clean hahah) with only one, potentially major, issue - the pork was not fully cooked, especially around the bone.....now, i know that pork is not as deadly as people like to think (i prefer mine to be just a tad pink), but there was a small part of the chop that i would consider to be rare, which is not the smartest move (ate them anyway and im still alive to tell the tale)
so, how would people recommend getting around this issue? i see three options - 1) brown longer, 2) put them in the oven after browning, 3) cook them in the gravy longer

my guess would be that a combo of browning longer and cooking longer in the gravy would be best...i really hate dry pork, so im trying to avoid that at all costs...i would also prefer that this 15 minute meal didnt turn into 40.....so what would you all recommend as the quickest and most efficient way to make sure the chops are fully cooked?

for those who are also new to this sort of recipe, i'd be happy to post it if you want

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I make something similar w/boneless loin chops, mushrooms, onions and gravy. After I brown the chops and make the gravy, I slip the chops back in to simmer for 20-30 min. covered. Always tender and never underdone. Hope that helps!!
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Yup, let them simmer in the gravy. I use cream of mushroom soup as my
gravy, let the chops simmer 30 minutes or so. The gravy is my favorite!
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Old 06-15-2009, 11:45 AM   #4
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I'd vote for simmering in the gravy with the lid on to finish cooking. That's what I do.

Keep in mind that bone-in meat always cooks unevenly. The meat next to the bone cooks more slowly.

Another choice would be to use boneless pork chops. While some will suggest that bone-in chops have better flavor, I'm not so sure it makes that much of a difference in a dish with short cooking times. It takes longer cooking to extract flavors from bone.
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Old 06-15-2009, 11:46 AM   #5
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I agree with Katybar22. One other thing that I do is brown the chops in some saved bacon fat to help with the gravy. Adds loads of flavor and the needed fat for the gravy.
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Old 06-15-2009, 12:07 PM   #6
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Bring chops to room temp before cooking (about 20 min out of the fridge) This is safe practice if: keep out of direct sunlight, keep covered, you intend to cook them now.

That should give you a cooked chop in 15 or so minutes (browning and in the gravy).

And yes this is a fave way to do chops in my house too!
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thanks everyone, thats what i thought...cant wait to make them again
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