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Hello everyone,
I am considering making a cookbook which contains recipes which will encourage healthy eating in kids also there will be a few recipes which children can do themselves.
I was wondering, say you were to buy it how much would you pay? And also if you had an constructive critism or any ideas which would make the cookbook better.
Thanks in advance,


Someone please reply.

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I don't have any but I'm interested too. I have an extremely picky toddler and I'd like him to eat better.
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Love the topic!
One thing I can say as a mother is hat I have bought two cookbooks (which I regret) for children's meal ideas....I never made one recipe from them!
My complaint is they make the recipe too "gourmet!"! They are never anything that my DD would eat! Like veggie hummus wraps or Sesame noodle stir fry....or couscous salad with roasted butternut squash. Sure sounds good for me but my daughter wouldn't touch those with a ten foot pole!!

So bottom line make the recipes actually KID friendly!! PLEASE!
As far as price goes, I usually don't go over 12.00 when buying a cookbook. Anything over that price I either will look for it used or find something else!
Hope this helps!
Please keep us updated on your book!
"Many people have eaten my cooking & gone on to lead Normal lives."

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Hey PaddyD15,

Sounds like a great idea.

I'd go to the local book store and see who is doing what and at what price they are selling it for.

I have no idea where you live, but the bigger the city you are in the easier it will be to target a price.

I'd also do a search on the internet for "Childrens Cookbooks" "Childrens Recipes" "Kids Cookbooks" etc...you get the idea. I am sure they will have prices too.

However don't work backwards.
First write your exciting, entertaining, healthful, encouraging, information packed book of recipes aimed at parents who want their children to eat in a more healthy manner.
Then shop your masterpiece around and a potential publisher will give you a better idea of the target selling price.
Retail pricing has many variables including but not limited to: book size, book format, paper quality, cover art, hard cover, soft cover, your name, your qualifications, initial printing, etc...amongst a whole bunch of other variables.

Don't do it with visions of dollars dancing in your head.
Do it because it is your calling.
Do it because you wake up every morning and it consumes you!
Build it and they will come!

Success will follow your desire

Good luck and I mean it sincerely.
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children, cookbook, eating, healthy

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