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Glass lids question

Hello - new to the forum. I'm in the market for new cookware - the stainless steel set I received as a wedding gift 33 years ago is finally due to be replaced. I'm used to cooking with stainless and love it so want to purchase the same.

I have a question about the glass lids on some of the cookware I've been seeing. I have an inexpensive, non-stick frying pan with a glass lid that I like very much. However, steam collects between the lid handle and the lid and it gets pretty funky sometimes. You really can't see it unless you look at the lid from the bottom through to the handle. I have to dissassemble it very often to clean it. There's also a stainless rim around the edge of the lid that isn't removable and I'm wondering if the same thing is happening under that.

I gave my son a 'Wolfgang Puck' saucepan with a glass lid as a gift and asked him to look under his lid for me - he did and said the same thing was happening to his.

Does anyone have any experience with the glass lids being problematic in this or any other way (besides breaking easier!) with the more expensive cookware? I'd hate to have to unscrew everything to clean them all the time. I like being able to see the food while it's cooking but I'll start looking at cookware with solid lids if this or anything else is an issue with them.

Thanks in advance.

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I have two different pieces with glass lids. Neither has a removeable handle on the lid so I have to live with whatever happens. I have not noticed any "funk" trapped in there.
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I have some Calphalon pieces with glass lids and life Andy's, mine do not have removable handles. I have not notices any funk in mine either. They are both very clean. I do not see much point in the glass though as they steam up very quickly and you can't see what is going on in the pan anyway. Well that is not completely true. From time to time the condensation builds up enough that some drips down and then for a second or two you have a think path that you can see through, but that does not last long.
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We have quite a few glass lids and have never had any problems with any "funk." In fact, we've bought glass lids at yard sales because we wanted to "view" what was cooking in some of our pans, dripping moisture not withstanding.

As far as cleaning, they've been put into the dishwasher or handwashed with no adverse results.
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Our SS has glass lids as well, great for viewing the food briefly before it is clouded by steam and condensation as mentioned before, LOL!
Our handles are detachable, but so far no gunk or anything beneath them...
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No problem with glass lids here. I prefer glass as I like to see what's happening in the pan, and I have no problem with condensation or steam obscuring my view. As for any build up of gunk, put them in the dishwasher as I do and it should disappear.
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I have a small sauce pan, a 12" fry pan and a 16 quart stock pot with glass lids, and I have my set of Emerilware with steel lids... doesn't make much difference to me which type of lid I have, I'm more concerned with the performance of the pan.
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