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May 3, 2020
Hi, two quick questions for you guys:

1. Sometimes I see glass jars of Indian sauces at stores, sauces such as curry or vindaloo or whatever. I am just wondering if I can add the sauce directly to steamed rice, or do I need to cook it with something, or re-constitute/dilute it somehow.

2. What to call a pouch of ready-to-eat sauce that you just heat up in boiling water and then add it to steamed rice or noodles.

1. I have tried some sauces from PATAK brand. They're pretty good. Read the directions to learn how the sauce should be used. Often you cook some chicken then add the sauce and heat it through and serve it over rice. That said, you could just use it directly over rice without the step of adding chicken.

2. Ready-to-heat and eat.
I don't really use those, but like Andy M. says, PATAK is supposed to be a good brand, and an Indian friend of mine has a couple jars of their items in her fridge, so I would trust that brand.
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