My beef short ribs are too greasy. Any way to degrease them before meal tomorrow? Help!

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Mr. Tasty

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Nov 23, 2022
New York
TL;DR: I cooked beef short ribs and they are really, really greasy. Is there a way to get some of the the grease off them when I reheat them tomorrow, before I serve them?

More/I'm thinking... Maybe I could reheat them tomorrow in partially cooked rice? The ribs are finished- they have BBQ sauce on them, so I don't want to start scraping or boiling them or something. They look and taste wonderful, but have a lot of fat still on them and 'in' them.
I know now what I'll do next time. But... any ideas on how to salvage them so I don't give everyone heart disease and stroke right there at the table before we get to desert? More details below.
Thanks in advance.

- I started with 10lbs (precook weight) of short ribs. Some bone-in, some boneless. The method I followed was:
  1. Dry brine them with some salt overnight in the fridge.
  2. Brown them (most of them) in batches.
  3. Wrap them in foil, cook them low and slow in the oven (275F * ~4.5 hrs).
  4. Unwrap them to finish with BBQ sauce under the broiler.
...And when I unwrapped them to add sauce and finish under the broiler, they were waaay to greasy. They were nicely cooked, but sitting in a puddle of beef fat. (I know now... That's how they cook). So I drained off what I could and scraped... But ugh. Enough tallow to run a diesel engine.
Any ideas on how to degrease them in advance of serving them?
NB- I may x-post this in another forum or two. :)
I read what you do not want to do and I agree with you. You can line another pan with white sliced bread and lay your ribs on top. When you reheat the ribs tomorrow even more of the grease will drip into the bread.
Ok! And I happen to have a loaf of bread that I could use for just such an adventure. Maybe I'll toast the bread a little first to get it thirsty. Although, the oven will take care of that.
Thanks again for the advice!
This is normal. That's why you should always cook this type of dish the day before. Just put the whole pot in the fridge overnight. The fat will rise to the top and solidify. you can easily lift off the fat disc and reheat the remainder of the pot.

100% the way to go!
If he had braised them that would work, but in this case there would be no braising liquid for the fat to rise on.

@Mr. Tasty Remember beef ribs are one of the fattiest parts of the cow, and that's why they are so delicious. Trim as much as you can, and enjoy the deliciousness.

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