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Kershaw Ken Onion Chef's Knife

Is anyone familiar with this knife and have any opinions about it? TIA

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Not that knife in particular, but I recently bought a set of Shun knives (same series, a lot more bang for the buck IMHO) and they're just amazing. Definitely superior to my Global chef's knife. This is the set I bought:


Be aware that the original Shun knives have handles that are designed for right handed people only (slightly "D" shaped), but I don't know if that's also the case with the Ken Onion design (it doesn't look that way from the pictures).

The only "review" I was able to find was on Amazon:
Originally Posted by Amazon.com
This Knife Rocks!
This knife puts my Henckel 5 Stars to shame. Ergonomically designed and perfectly weighted, it glides through food. It is a joy to use this baby.
I have yet to read a bad thing about the Shun knives though, and the Ken Onion is built on the same principles (the technology used for the blade is the same, but it's more ergonomically designed). I highly doubt you'll be displeased with it, but at that price it's probably a good idea to get a "feel for it" in a store. Ergonomic designs don't necessarily fit everyone...
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Same here. I haven't read much about the Ken Onion kitchen knife yet. I DO own several ken onion pocket knives though and they are very nice.

Ditto on the praises to Shun. I couldn't afford a full set but the Santoku is my primary kitchen knife and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it to death.
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