When I cut mango it sounds like velcro

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I don't use mango enough in cooking, and I want to start. I barely know how to cut them (peel, slice off sides, avoid pit). But what I don't know is this: when I cut them, I usually get only 1 inch inside the mango before it sounds like my knife is cutting through, for lack of a better word, Velcro. I usually use this small (2 oz.) portion and gnaw off the rest (which is like another 4 oz. around the pit itself and is quite good, though a tiny bit stringy here and there) but should I cut into this Velcro-ish portion of the mango, scrape my knife along the pit itself when I cut, and use it for my recipes? I'm waiting until my mangos are very ripe to use them, but I don't know if this sound when cutting is normal and I'm just cutting too close to the pit. Any help?
I usually cut as close to the pit as possible. I cut a slice off either side and then cut off the rest. Yes, mangoes pits are very "hairy". I don't worry about that, unless I am gnawing on the pit and then it's just a bit annoying.

Once you have the sides off, you can turn them inside out to make it easier to cut off the flesh. Some people cut a cross hatch on the inside to make it easier to cut off. I don't bother. I just cut as much of the flesh off the other bits as I can. Mango is too tasty to let any of the flesh go to waste. Yes, they are juicy and messy.
Cut close to the pit and use it all! Don't worry about the velcro sound. I use mango a LOT, so I recognize the sound you describe. There is nothing wrong with it, it's just the flesh fibers trying to hold on to the pit. You won't notice that when you dice it up and eat it.
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