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Originally Posted by Ayrton
Thank heavens people finally started to mention flavor. There's no comparison -- charcoal wins hands down.

As for cost, it will help if you don't let your charcoal burn down to nothing each time you use it. Put it out with water. Use a sprayer, not a hose. Will raise some smoke, but that's not such a big deal -- you're outdoors.

As for the convenience of a gas grill ... the really "convenient" way to cook is in your kitchen where's everything's at hand. Cooking outside is necessarily a bit less convenient, but that's not the point really, is it? And dealing with charcoal's hardly a hassle: plunk some in; light it; leave it; cook on it...
I have a Webber Kettle and I get two, three, and sometimes four meals off of one batch of charcoal. At the end of each cooking session, I just close all of the vents and starve the fire for oxygen. I shake off the ash before relighting the next time.

The last time I used the Webber was yesterday evening. There were only a few small coals left so I was going to let them just burn out. But I had an idea. I had graham crackers, Hershey-bars, and marshmallows. I took 3/4 of the hershey bar with three marshmallows, and sandwiched them between two whole graham crackers , amd a second one, and put them on tthe grill, away from the hot coals. I put the cover on and let everything cook for about 4 minutes. I took the lid off and had perfect s'mores with golden, melted marshmallows topping perfectly softened chocolate. I seerved it all up for my wife and me, and sat snuggled together watching the sun set on Lake Superior. It was a fantastic way to end the day. Try that with your GF, or gas grill.

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Originally Posted by buckytom
yeah, but it's like cheating death. you know it's coming. you just have to have some fun before the bell tolls.
LOL! Good luck - I'm rooting for you, Tom!

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