Why is Phu Quoc Pepper one of the finest peppers in the world?

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Huy Thanh

Assistant Cook
Nov 21, 2022
Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Many international culinary experts have rated Phu Quoc Pepper in Vietnam as one of the finest peppers in the world. They are deeply impressed by its beauty, strong aroma, pungency, and heat which are rarely found in any other peppers.


Phu Quoc pepper is grown in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, an extremely famous tourist destination. This place is blessed with a temperate climate and fertile soil conditions that are very favorable for growing pepper. Thanks to that, Phu Quoc pepper has a unique taste that is different from regular peppers grown on the mainland.

The pepper variety grown in Phu Quoc is an indigenous one, with small leaves, long life and strong resistance to pests. That’s why farmers use just a little or no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. On the other hand, the Phu Quoc pepper variety has a much lower yield than other common peppers. Perhaps that is why Phu Quoc pepper fruits are often bigger and have a higher essential oil content, creating outstanding quality.


The farming method in this island is also an important factor creating the Phu Quoc pepper brand, while still applying long-standing traditional methods. Chemical fertilizers are rarely used, but instead organic fertilizers such as cow dung, fish carcasses, and fish sauce carcasses. Harvesting is also done entirely by hand, when the pepper fruits are old and plump, will be picked and dried in the sun for many days until they reach standard dryness.


Phu quoc pepper Harvesting

Phu Quoc pepper has 3 types: Black Pepper, White Pepper and Red Pepper in which the Red one is the highest quality, selected from ripe red, big and nice fruits. Perhaps this is the type of pepper that any top chef in the world would want to get to highlight their dishes.


The red Phu quoc pepper

Today, pepper cultivation is still maintained and preserved in Phu Quoc, not only for economic purposes but also for cultural and tourist factors. Every foreign guest who comes to Phu Quoc loves to bring some Phu Quoc Pepper home as a gift for their relatives. Since then the Phu Quoc Pepper brand has been flying further and further around the world.
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