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bbally 11-14-2007 10:51 PM

Steak Fajitas... an quick Mexican Meal
Because we raise a lot of beef, we enjoy steak and other fantastic cuts of beef often. Which also means I have to deal with leftover beef. I have been on this Rick Bayless book reading lately so I thought it might be nice to use up some leftover roast by hammering out some beef fajitas! So from the carcass to the table we go.
This years crop hanging in the dry room. Quarter and waiting for their dress whites! Oh so tasty!
First up is to get some tortillas going. And what better to compliment great beef but homemade tortillas. I mix up the masa and start to make a few tortillas.
You want to bring this masa to a very stiff ball stage. So wet enough to form a ball but so it does not stick to your hands when you work with it.
Then it is a small handful rolled up about equal to a 1/4 cup or just shy of that. Into the Tortilla Press between the plastic Ziploc bag. And pressed out into a nice corn tortilla.
Now it is not finished yet. We have to fry these off. From this point you have a chance to make chips, tortillas, or tostada chips. I am making beef fajitas so we will be doing golden tortillas! Into the oiled sauté for the finish.
These are very good on there own. So one requires discipline to save them for the dinner. Or make extra so the chef can taste. Of course there is another way to protect them, the chef can cut open a few treats other
than these wonderful homemade tortillas.

These and an ice cold Bohemia ought to keep me out of the fresh fried tortillas for a little while! Beside with the tortillas now safely located in the [URL="

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