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njaudio2010 02-17-2011 07:10 PM

bourgeat casseroles: 11x3 11x6
Hello Copper Fans

I have 3 Bourgeat pieces 11" evasee (use it all the time & love it). 11x3 casserole & 11x6 casserole.... I have never used the 2 Bourgeat casserole pots...instead, i tend to go my 5qt Cuisinart Multiclad Casserole & 7qt Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven when i want to use stove-to-oven dishes. Is there any reason to start use the 2 Bourgeat casseroles? Would they perform better for anything than the Cuisinart & Lodge pieces. they are costly pieces and i am wondering if i should simply sell the Bourgeat pieces rather than start using them?

thanks in advance

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