20qt Rival Roaster Oven

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Jun 19, 2011
Hello...I'm new to this site and I'm hoping this is where I should post this question...

I have a 20qt Rival Roaster Oven and I need to make Rigatoni for a party with close to 100 people...I wanted to make it in this so as not to make my house an oven...no pun intended...I didn't see in the little owner's guide any recipe or anything that would help me.

Can this be done and if so how...I'm not going all out cuz of allergies etc for some...I'm using rigatoni noodle...meatballs...sauce and mozz cheese...I just need to know how much of everything I'll need and if this can be done first of all...and how long will I need to cook this...

Thanks for any help or suggestions anyone may have
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I would make the sauce in the roaster but do the noodles on the stovetop and then add them to sauce. Somehow, I don't see the roaster as a good pasta cooker. Cook the noodles to al dente then they can finish in the roaster. As for amounts, ya got me there. I would think if pasta dishes could be made well in the roaster, they would have included that in the manual.
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