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Aug 22, 2010
Hey guys :)

I'm wondering if somebody can maybe give me a few pointers. I've never grilled a day in my life, and just picked up a 5 burner Brinkmann gas grill yesterday with a sear side burner. I'm looking to break it in, but in this economy I can't afford to burn my food!

I figured I'd start with something easy like bbq boneless chicken breasts, but I honestly have no clue where to start. I'm not sure whether to use the sear burner, what temperature to have the rest of my burners at, and when I should be adding the bbq sauce. This is all foreign to me!

If anybody would like to help a newbie out, that would be much appreciated!
Light a couple of burners over to one side on medium. Season your chicken and place it over the lit burners for just a few minutes to get a sear on each side. Then move the chicken over to the other side and let it finish cooking.
Put your bbq sauce on towards the end, last 10-15 minutes. Also get yourself a probe thermometer so you don't have to guess and over/undercook your chicken.
Well this is odd. I just cooked a load of nekked breastes on the gasser last night. I marinated it 3 hrs in Kraft 7 Seas Viva Eyetalian dressing in the ice box. Let it warm up and drain in a collander for about 90 min or so. Gave them a dusting of salt and black peppa. Meanwhile back at the ranch I had the gasser fired up about 3/4 as high as it will go. Also had a nice size pecan limb wrapped in foil with big holes in it laid out across the front and directly on the burners. Gave them breastes 4 mins per side. Swear them was the best breastes most folks would ever eat. Now them who dont like the flavor of eyetalian spices it just be tough titty.

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