Another way to roast a Turkey

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Washing Up
Sep 1, 2004
I am thinking of using for the first time, my big clay roaster for the Thanksgiving bird.

I have used my smaller roasters before with excellent results, but not this huge sucker. It weighs a ton. What do you guys think?

I am considering brining the bird, then roasting it in the clay roaster.
Since it'll be steamed, and not cooked with dry heat, you have less of a need for the brine. Also, the skin will be soft and not crispy.

But if you like the moist, flavorful meat that comes out of a clay roaster, you might do it that way, carve the bird up in the kitchen and serve the meat at the table, rather than the whole bird (a clay roasted bird does not make for that beautiful of a table presentation....).

I clay roast chickens sometimes, but generally like a browner, crispy bird. A turkey would not fit in my roaster, that's for sure.
I was thinking after the bird is almost done, I could remove the lid and brown the bird. Won't this work?
I am not sure... good question. I would imagine you'd have to take the bird totally out of the roaster and put on roasting rack so that air could circulate and the skin could crisp up some.
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