Apple cookies & Grating ingredients.

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Jun 23, 2020

I tried out this recipe because I had apples left over from various apple crisp versions. Is there a best way to grate ingredients? I found apples challenging, and ginger root can also be tough. 80% of the time I will grate one of my fingers as well.

With this recipe it called for 1 medium Granny Smith apple. I found it required closer to 2.5 apples to approach 1 cup. Mostly water. It made the dough very runny. Kind of seems like running apples through a juicer and collecting the solids in the filter would be better. I only got 15 cookies of very different sizes. Rather hard to gauge 2 level tbsps. And they seemed more like biscuits than cookies. Icing only made it taste worse. What might I be doing wrong?
I’ve always used an inexpensive old fashioned box grater, similar to this one, with good results.

If you only want the pulp it’s simple enough to squeeze out the excess moisture from a grated apple, potato, etc…

A scrape or two is a minor rite of passage in every cook’s life and shouldn’t be an issue if you are a fast learner. 😉

A Volrath disher, similar to these, will help you get uniform cookies, muffins, meatballs, etc…

Give the disher a squirt of cooking spray to help release the contents with minimal sticking.

I doubt that you did anything wrong.

If you don’t care for the texture try another recipe.

Keep experimenting until you build a collection of recipes and equipment that express you and your interests.
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