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Dec 13, 2009
i just want to pass this on for those of you who do not know this is a scam.

My name is Ken Mark i want to order for BBQ pull pork and BBQ Ribs for 300 people and i want two sides along with it like Cole slaw and Potato salad and it will be pick up 3pm on the 10th of February,so please i want you to get back to me if you are able to handle these for me with what the price will be per person plus tax and the grand total plus tax.
So i want you to know that this will be a pick up order and it will be pick up 3pm on the event date 10th of February by my shipper agent at your location and did you accept credit card for your payment because i am ready to pay as soon as you get back to me with the grand total via my email
Thank you,
Ken Mark.

the way they make their money is they give you a stolen credit card to pay for all the food up front, then they have you call the shipper to get a quote, the shipper (his guy) may quote around $2-3,000, (they are usually shipping to Guiana, or Nigeria) the scammer will pay you again for the shipping so by this point you have been paid all your money up front before you cook anything. great deal.

then he says the shipper will only accept a western union money gram or the like, which means you have to go to western union with cash to send to him but most people will figure since i have been paid in full why not.

once they have the money gram they are done with the scam and leave you cooking food for 300 people with no one to eat it.

i quoted him $9,200. if he bites on it i will call the issuing credit card bank so they can mark the card as stolen.

this happened a few years ago with my other business for $2,500 the bank said it was a stolen card and would stop all transactions. who knows it may be one of your cards, or mine.

as i finished telling you this i received this.

How much is the price per person and can i have a number i can reach you at ?..... the games are on.
Thanks for the tip. It is hard to keep up with all the scams going on out there in the big krewlish world.
i think the guy is on to me, i haven't heard back from him since he called using an At&t operator, i told the operator he would have to contact me by email, nothin yet. talkin to those operators can last an hour or better.
Sounds like fun. I once worked a scammer on craigslist to the bone for almost 3 days. You can realy have fun on a Friday night with a few beers and an eager scammer, thinking you are taking the bait. Try it some time. It's a hoot.
P.S. I did put an ad on crigslist for something I wanted. A lady replied that she had one and emailed a photo. When I opened the photo,,,,, It was a virus. FN B*@H.
Pretty much anyone offering you money but then requires you to send a money order is trying to run some sort of is fun to get them all worked up though!
Nick Prochilo said:
[quote="john pen":1eui1c4d]You can still buy Pig Powder ?????? Fatz.... where are you ??????

John, look here. I love that stuff!
Fatz Pig Powder .

Just watch the shipping :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:[/quote:1eui1c4d]

That was just wrong...getting my hopes up and then........ depression set in.

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