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Chef Munky

Honey Badger
Dec 15, 2008
I had ordered from the butcher a case of beef ribs. Normally they are in vacuumed sealed 3 racks per package. The ribs are usually thick, long boned very lean.

My son picked up my order today. What he brought home was 16 individual packages. Beef Back center cut ribs. I don't want to offend the butcher by calling him and asking about this order.His place was just packed today. Standing in line out the door.Father's day weekend.

Is what I received the same thing just a shortened bone? Is the center cut better? Thank god my husbands working a 16 today. Hopefully I can get this cleared up before he sees what I just paid for them.. DUN DUN DUNNN!!!

Thank you
These ribs have so far worked out. Removing the membrane was a piece of cake.
Didn't have to remove any excess fat from them. Made and simmered for hours a huge pot of molasses BBQ sauce. Let it sit in the fridge overnight. Just had a taste not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Got the ribs in the smoker now.

You will always be welcomed into my home and have a reserved seat right next to me :)

That was my second batch of molasses bbq sauce. I'm not talking about that first batch. Ewwww..

The ribs were pretty good. Fall off the bone tender..Now that I think about it. Our butcher probably intended to surprise me like that. In a nice way.


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