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I saw something at Fortino's (box store, very big here in southern Ontario)(owned by Loblaws, {President's Choice brand}) that amazed me.
THREE that's 3 Freezer bins full of whole pork bellies. I mean the WHOLE cut. Not even sure I could have picked one up. Those were big porkers!
Now I would expect to see this in the Southern States - Texas - summertime BBQ's etc. But in the middle of winter? Here? WOW.
I asked a boy stocking the bins "What do people do with them?" he said "I don't know but they sell like crazy!" o_O

You can cure and roast them for bao buns or pho or ramen. You can use them to make porchetta. We LOVE porchetta and an all belly one is the best. Make bacon. There's all kinds of things you can do with them.

I would have to say that a lot of BBQ'rs in Texas (cattle state)wouldn't have a clue on how to cook pork belly, a lot of other southern BBQ'rs as well. I will never forget when a southern grand champion BBQ master was on a BBQ competition show and openly admitted he had never seen a raw pork belly before.
Well, these suckers were huge! Next time I go, I'll get their weights. But pretty sure they are far more than home cooks or even backyard BBQ'ers.
When i get a big one, rarely unless i happen to visit the Asian market on delivery day, i cut it up, wrap well and freeze.
In this area, pork neck bones and many other odd/interesting cuts of meat are going the way of the dodo bird.

More and more stores in my area are selling prepackaged fresh meat or large cryovac-packed sections of animals that are trimmed and cut in the meat department as opposed to full sides of beef and pork.
Same here, Aunt Bea. Most places no longer have actual butchers in the meat department either. When I can find one that has them, I can sometimes ask whether they can get them. It's hit and miss.

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