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Feb 20, 2011
I made a court bouillon plus some fresh fennel and thyme, and seafood soup base, poached some shell on shrimp, removed the shells, then shells back in the court bouillon for a while. Finely chopped some carrot and onions, with a bit of celery and fennel, then made risotto with the strained stock and the rice from storing the black truffles. Just enough truffles left for truffles butter.

Cookie dough brownies for dessert.
I made some bean soup, with some ham, and some of those mustard greens, from my hydroponics. A couple of days ago is when I started it, when I cut up about 6 lbs of ham I got a deal on some easter ham, and put 4 one lb packs and 4 half lb packs in foodsaver bags, to freeze, and I put the scraps and bones in a Dutch oven, with a cut up onion, and cooked it about 2½ hours, @275°, to cook the fat out, and brown it considerably. Then after removing almost all of the fat, I put all that stuff in the Instant Pot, deglazed the Dutch oven, and used all that liquid to cover the scraps, and pressure cooked it for 90 minutes. After releasing naturally, I strained the liquid, and let it cool - too late to use now, so I refrigerated, and waited to remove the fat, and when it gelled, there was little left on top.

Late last night, I set a lb of navy beans to soak, with some baking soda, rinsing it around noon, and soaking with some brine, the last 4 hrs or so, before cooking. I started with a large onion, stalk of celery, and a large carrot, all chopped fairly small, sautéed in the IP about 8 or 9 min, and when onion browned some, added about a tb of minced garlic, and about a half tb each dried sage and thyme, crushed in the mortar, 3 bay leaves, then the gelled ham stock (about 5 c) and 2 c water, about 1/2 c whole oats, 2 tsp black pepper, and the drained beans, and adjusted the salt (was surprised that the ham stock wasn't saltier), and set it to slow cook/fast, for about 2 hrs. Wasn't quite ready, when I finished what I was doing, so I set it to pressure cook on Manual/15 min, and let release naturally. Almost done now, and I added the 8 c of chopped greens, diced ham, and about 1/4 c red lentils, to thicken, and put it on the slow cook/fast again, for about 20 min, when it was done. I reheated some cornbread in the toaster oven, I had frozen it foil, so I didn't have to make more, yet.
About 8 c chopped greens, spun dry, to add to the Navy bean soup. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

The wasabina mustard greens, before stirring into the soup, and cooking a few minutes. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Almost finished ham and bean soup, after adding the greens, and 1/4 c or so of red lentils, to thicken it. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Finished beans and greens soup. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
We went to lunch with my daughters and grandson. Very full all afternoon. Had no interest in the l/o pizza SO brought home from lunch so I just had a dish of vanilla ice cream over some warmed mini brownies.
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