Been away for a while...due to the approaching demise of my wonderful brother.

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Sep 11, 2006
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Just before the 4th of July of 2019, my youngest bother (I'm the oldest) was diagnosed with lung cancer. As some background he'd been smoking, a lot, since he was 13. At the time he was diagnosed, he was 60.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer (both lungs), along with 6 tumors in his brain as the cancer had metastized to his lungs and lymph system.

Surgery was performed to remove 2 of the brain tumors, some of the others were to risky to be removed.

Well, here we are..............he's on his way "home."


I spent nearly all day yesterday with him, he knew me, and I was thankful for that, but the next little while will be more than I can handle because I took care of him when he was a little boy. Our mother was less than a good mother and I took her place for many years.

My heart is hurting.
Oh Katie, (((great big, squishy hugs))). I'm so sorry to read this. My sincere condolences. Hang in there kiddo. Lots of people here will be sending love in your direction (including me).
Katie, so sorry to hear of this. I understand your feelings at your brother's worsening condition.
Katie, I just lost my brother, 49 years old., esophageal cancer. I’m 47. (Sept 30) He was my only sibling. Hospice killed me. I am having flashbacks of his whole dying process. I have worked in healthcare all my life but it’s not the same. I’m so very sorry. I’m a mess but please reach out to me.
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Katie and sorry to hear of your losses. :( I just can't imagine the pain you're both going through.
So sorry to hear of your loss, Katie. You and your family are in my thoughts at this difficult time. Keep us updated please.
I am so sorry for your loss. I know your
heart hurts, because I have been there. You
never get over it, But you do get thru it. It
does get easier with time.

I just crawled out of bed. The stress is getting to me I guess. He's still hanging on, but only by a thin thread. We thought he would leave us late Friday, but he continues to be with us. Hasn't eaten for about 4 days and is mostly unconscious, thankfully, because of the morphine, etc. The pain was obviously way over the top. Thank God for the miracle of drugs.
Sending lots of gentle hugs your way, Katie, and a few prayers upstairs. I wish you strength to get through this challenge. I'm sure he's in good hands, and he feels how much you love him.

Merlot, sorry to hear of your brother's passing.
I wish you strength, Katie..

There are few things more difficult than caring for someone you love as their illness slowly takes them from you..


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