Best Apple Cider I've Ever Had

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
Michigan is know for its auto industry. But most don't know that it is a huge agricultural state. We produce the most blueberries of any state, Maple Syrup, a huge crop of apples, and cherries, soybeans, corn, celery, and other crops. Many of this produce can be purchased fresh from roadside stands, and directly from farms. There are also a good number of pick-your-own farms.

We have access to Meijer and Spartan stores, which both carry Aseltines Apple Cider. I tried this brand out today, and I have to say that it's the best apple cider I have ever had. The flavor is intense. There is no pulp, but it is an opaque, light brown color. It is sweet, but not too sweet, and as said, has intense apple flavor. I can envision using it as the base liquid But I like it ice cold, straight into a glass, and into my mouth.

Everyone who knows me knows that though I enjoy all kinds of food, from potted meat to a dry-aged rib-eye, to all kinds of fish and seafood, and most of the vegetable world. But I don't care for bland foods. I want lots of flavor. This cider fills the bill. I kind of wish it had some pulp in it though. But the flavor is second to none.

If you are in Michigan, with access to Spartan, or Meijer stores, try out this southwestern Michigan grown and pressed product. You won't be disappointed.

Seeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
I live about twenty miles from uncle John's cider mill just north of Lansing and Quality Dairy stores bring in a lot of cider. I'll have to do a comparison this fall.

My brother used to live in South Haven and in the fall we'd always make a stop to grab peaches. His brother in law does a lot w cranberries in the state, huge business here.
I would love to do some cider testing. Differences between different apples, sugars, spices, etc.
When we lived in our first house, I would stop regularly at an apple orchard along the route from work to home. Actually, there were two orchards, basically across the street from each other. One had a nice stand with pretty displays and neatly lined orchard rows behind it. The other was a bit run down; you turned by a rough sign that said "apples" and pointed up their winding driveway. Once you got to the top, you walked into their old barn while looking at what appeared to be an old orchard. Orchard Two had the best apples and cider, though. The first year we must have grabbed a jug of cider each week. As the season went along, the flavor of the cider deepened as more varieties of apples were blended in. That, and the farmer said that the later season cider had more bugs that got pressed in, too. :ermm: :ohmy: :LOL: We didn't care, it was some fine tasting apple nectar.
There is nothing better then fresh pressed cider. A few years back I got brave and worked out how to make my own press. Lot's of trial and lots of error and now we have a pretty good press.
It is always fun to see all the different apples people bring to the pressing party. All of them are sooooo good. Some are a bit tart, some so sweet. Sometimes yellow, sometimes almost pink. Sometimes we mix and match last year we had someone who thought she just had some funny looking apples, but they were quince fruit. Boy did they put some zip in a few bottles.
We sometimes add what ever pears are around and we added some berries to one small batch once. Good but not as good as just plain ol' apples.
My garden and the neighbors chickens love the dry pressed apples too.
In my humble opinion there is just nothing on earth better.
Having grown up in Michigan, I do love some good apple cider :yum: Here in southeastern Virginia, I have to drive many miles for fresh cider. Last year, for the first time, I made apple cider doughnuts. Whoo, they were so good I made them several more times! [emoji16]
I love the stuff, it was such a great every autumn growing up in Maine, going apple picking and bringing home cider and a big wedge of sharp cheddar. The next day we were tasked with peeling apples with dad while a football game was on and mom made a bunch of pies for the freezer. I miss those days.
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