Biscuits & Gravy Sandwiches. Bam!

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Smokey James

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Nov 13, 2013
Hi all,

As November unfolds, and the frost creeps across my lawn, I was Just perusing through my camping photos and found this little brain thrust. We were camping up in northern Minnesota, my buddy and I, under beautiful skies and aside gin-clear waters. The aroma of White Pines and Balsam Firs Free from the cog of society. A lovely place made better even, it turned out, with a little culinary action over crackling camp fire.

It's real easy to do. What I did was brown up a pound of jimmy dean Italian sausage, formed into patties. The home style gravy was just one of them simple just-add-water deals you get in a packet. Its good to keep it easy when roughing it in the wilder places. And lastly, I just baked up a can of those Pillsbury rolls, you know the kind, the sort where you peel the paper off waiting for it to pop into submission. Anyways, turns out them things bake up great over the camp fire.

In short order we assembled some man-sized biscuit and gravy sandwiches, mostly because we forgot our plates and silverware. And man if they didn't hit the spot. The only thing I would change, I think, is to use a more traditional biscuit that biscuits and gravy are known for. But these canned ones did the trick in a pinch.

We ate three a piece, my camping crony and I, whilst the loons echoed across the lake. It was a pretty good day, as days go. Amen.


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Curious how you cooked the biscuits on a campfire. Just wondering.

Frying pan over the fire. Kind of like real thick pancakes. Flipping a couple times for even baking. I had my doubts at first, but it worked really well. Just keep an eye on them less they burn.
That's some good fishin' fuel, my man! Catch anything?

Certainly did. Where to start. Several northern pike, small mouth bass, a few wily perch, some blue gills and the guys camping on the far side of the lake landed some nice walleye. I'll have to catch them next time.
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