Brisket question

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Nov 11, 2007
How many have noticed a brisket cooking much quicker if injected??? I got one that can't wait to get eaten it is cooking so fast!! It's already an hour ahead of schedule and looks like it will get done 2 hours early. I don't normally inject a brisket.
Interesting...Ive never injected so I wouldnt know. Has it already passed the spot where it sticks at a certain temp for awhile?

Ive got a pork shoulder on right now that wont soften up so I just wrapped it up. I wish it would hurry up and cook!
Yeah, it blew right through the plateau and got to 192 internal in 6 hours at 250 in my Chubby. Yes my temp probes are calibrated.
Here it is getting wrapped for a rest in the Cambro.
I'm not complaining! 7 hours total including the rest.



Anybody care to give up their favorite injection for briskets??
Looks great !
Briskets are funny....each one cooks different.
I've had one on since 9, and it stalled big time around 150, actually went down even though the pit temp stayed the same.
That looks KILLLER! Oh man, That makes me so damn hungry, and Im full. hell ya! got me a B A** Beer too!
Brisket looks really good. Ron what did you inject with? Saw the other day where someone injected with beef broth and worchester sauce.
Real nice looking brisket. I've heard that injecting can cause the brisket to cook faster, but every brisket cooks different, so it could just be that to. Looks nice and juicy!
Nice looking beef!

Agree with Wittdog, it seems anything injected, brined or marinaded cooks quicker.
I like to use beef broth and wooster. They do come up quick but mine usually stall for the same time as any other. I don't trim the cap at all.

Since I cook them a little hotter, in the 275 range, I am looking for a faster finish.
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