Brother may have had a stroke

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Jul 17, 2004
I went to my favorite aunts funeral last weekend...just got my mom out of the hospital and now my brother may have had a stroke. Ughhhhh:excl:
I am so sorry to here that Bang bang, You will be in all our prayers. Just remember we all do care ok. Lets Us know if we can help!
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Oh Bang Im so Sorry!

:( I have said a prayer for him, what is his name? And i will continue to for you and your family. I too have had a lot of recent family illnesses, so i know where your at. Pm me if you need to talk for any reason. We are all here for you!
His name is Paul..just got a phone call from the Hospital...I have to go. Yhanks for your support.
i'm gonna pray for you and your family NOW! i hope everything's gonna be ok!
Bang, hang in there buddy. We're praying for you and your family.

bang my father had one last year. i can imagine what you're going through. so sorry to hear about it. will be thinking and praying for your family.
When he called me from the hospital I was releved because I though he may have trid to kill himself again. However he is having difficulty talking and has a hard time understanding what people are saying. We could not locate him for a couple days. He had called me and said the police were taking him to the hospital but when I called the hospital they said he was not there. I may have to go to Holland Michigan to see him. Its about a three our drive.
He has had a very rogh life....much of his problems are related to drinking. But he is also Bipolar. His ex wife took him through the ringer financially and he has been struggling since then. He rarely gets to see his kids. Its very depressing. He just wants to die.
i feel for the man. i really do. bang just be there for him in any way that you can and let him know how much you care for and love him. i really don't know what else i can say to you except how very sorry i am.

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