butternut squash bread

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Sep 5, 2010
Usa, Michigan
It's my first autumn in Maryland and I can almost say that the glories of fall make the ridiculous summer heat worth it. Almost. JK. It's truly beautiful here, but more importantly, produce stands and pick-your-own farms are overflowing with inexpensive, high quality fall produce. I bought a nice big butternut squash (among many other things), baked it, and set out in search of recipes. This one was a hit with my family and coworkers:

Butternut Squash Bread, Butternut Squash Bread Recipe

I made 2 half recipes and even remembered to do the math before I started cooking this time :blush:. One batch I made strictly according to the recipe. To the other I added some molasses and substituted whole wheat flour for about half of the all-purpose. I preferred the latter and I think next time I'll use all whole wheat, so it comes out more like a bran loaf. I made 2 loaves and 12 muffins. They all disappeared pretty fast!
Depending where you are in MD some stands and farner's markets will stay open until the end of the month or into early November. I just stocked up on butternut and acorn squash and sweet potatoes from my local farm stand this weekend so I'll be trying this recipe sometime this fall!
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