Can a water softener be considered an appliance?

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Oct 17, 2004
My ws died, need replacement, have any of you had to deal with the issue? Do you have any advise?
DON'T USE THE MAGNETS!!! That is a big BS con. Friend tried that, $900 "down the drain".

not much help, but hey.....ya get what ya pay for.;):LOL:
Hey, it's something. I need all the opinions I can get. Because the whole house system depends on it. The hard water ruins everything dishwasher, washer, water heater. I need to figure this one out before I go get new one.
Thank you.
For what it's worth if I could do it over again I would install one that does not use the salt pellets. I did not research softeners as my DH installed one as a surprise for me so I had no input regarding the type. I loved the idea and the thoughtfulness, however, I killed more houseplants with that water. We ran a hard water line to the sink for the plant and pet water.
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