Can you freeze milk?

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Nov 3, 2015
York (UK)
Silly question but I find it difficult getting to some shops so I wondered if I got two 4 pint cartons could I freeze one of them.
yup, I used to freeze milk all the time.

and yup, yuh gotta shake, shake, shake.... unless you have a blender, I got into the habit of zapping the milk once thawed - extra dish to wash but it was cetainly mixed back together faster and more thoroughly than by hand!
Yes! I also dehydrate it! It's wonderful to use in like homemade Mac and cheese. Only problem is it curdles from being in the freezer, so don't like drink it straight. Baking and Mac and cheese is a wonderful application.
You can also buy shelf stable milk that requires no refrigeration.

I started keeping it on the emergency shelf during the pandemic.

I refrigerate it before opening and find it every bit as good as fresh.

Shop around because some brands, like Parmalat, are a bit pricey.

Also read the package carefully, some are full fat and some are low fat. My experience is with the 2% fat.

Ah, long life milk....
It's ok to cook with, but I can't drink it like "standard" milk.
Maybe that's just me...

And yes, freezing milk is fine
Ah, long life milk....
It's ok to cook with, but I can't drink it like "standard" milk.
Maybe that's just me...

And yes, freezing milk is fine
I'm not crazy about it for drinking straight, but it's fine in tea or coffee. What it really won't do properly is make yogourt or quark. The ultra high temperatures that it is treated at apparently do something to the milk protein, so it won't form curds properly.
I remember when I was quite young my parents were pretty obviously (in retrospect) tight on funds. We drank a mixture of powdered milk mixed with whole milk, and my mother bought a week's worth of whole milk at a time... for a family of nine. She froze the milk. I do not remember how it tasted, but I absolutely remember how bad the powdered milk tasted unless it was mixed with the real stuff. Ugh.
I too, used powdered milk with whole milk. I would mix the powder up the night before - it was ghastly otherwise. Then mix it half and half with the whole milk. Even then you could taste a difference in a glass - but on cereal it was OK.
Of course, now a bag of powdered milk is almost more expensive than regular milk. I use it only in cooking and even then it is generally used as the powder.
I used to have recipes for things like homemade pancake mix that used powdered milk instead of fresh milk. I used to use it a lot in baking. IIRC, it made stuff brown a bit more. Sometimes that was the goal. Now, it costs more than fresh milk. If we make up some pancake mix now, we leave out the powdered milk add fresh milk when we mix it up to make pancakes.
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