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Sep 29, 2004
Hi all,

I just tried this chicken fried steak recipe:

It was excellent. Just one question though. The "batter", after cooking the steaks, wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting something more like "kentucky fried chicken" batter, where what the recipe produced was more like what you would get by cooking pork chops (in a flour/salt/peper mix).

Don't get me wrong - I totally dug the recipie. I'm just curious about what you would need to get the other kind of batter's consistency. Bread crumbs maybe?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Try adding alittle baking powder to your flour mixture. If you're using, let's say 2 cups of flour, then add 1/2 tsp.. and.. coat the steak with the flour mixture first, then the egg, then the flour mixture again... the baking powder will make it light and crispy.
I would use schnitzel coating. If you Google "schnitzel recipe" you will get links like this

BTW, there is a restaurant in Chicago, IL, USA, that serves the best chicken fried steak sandwiches. Traditionally, they cover it with "red sauce," but I order it dry because I like the crust. Generally speaking, I think that they have the best greasy food in the World. By the time you get home with a takeout bag from Ricobene's, it is soaked with grease, but, mmmmmmmm so good!

The restaurant is:

252 W. 26th St.
Chicago, IL

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