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Apr 18, 2002
South Africa
Hi - This is a question I put when I first started (then dropped out) on this site but could not find an answer to. I would like to make chile jam or jelly without the addition of pectin. I can only find pectin powder, and that at a chemist, and am not sure if I should use it as required in the many recipes I have come across (from American sites).

What I need is a recipe for a thickish jam (like marmalade) pepped up with chiles which I love, to serve as a condiment with......well, almost everything. A clear jelly (I think you say jello) infused with chile is the other recipe I'm looking for.

I have made quince jelly without pectin, as well as various other jams, peach, apricot, etc. But these are fruits with high pectin content of their own.

What should I do? Try the chemist's pectin powder?

In my region of the U.S., pepper jelly is quite common. Typically it is made with apples as the fruit base and I assume (I know...that'll lead to trouble) that it is due to the fact that apples are high in pectin and are relatively neutral where the peppers serve as the primary flavor component. Therefore you might try a pectin-less jelly that way.
Additionally, pectin is pectin is pectin. Whether it is from the grocer or the chemist (here they use it to make capsules) it is the same thing.
Thanx - I'm definitely going to try that one and will keep you informed. I'll also try getting the hang of pectin. In an old S. A. cookbook - our mothers and grandmothers were known as superb jam-makers and picklers, I also found a recipe for making pectin with lemons. But will take the shorter cut.



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