Chilli Cheese dip

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Feb 15, 2005
Depending on the size of pan you are going to make you can double or even triple this recipe. Very easy

1 cream cheese
1 jar hormel chilli ( what you prefer bean or no bean)
2C. shredded chedder
1 can refried beans
1 bag tortila chips

This will fit in a 8x8 pan

Spread cream cheese on bottom. Then spread refried beans, then spread chilli ontop of that. Then top with cheese. Microwave for about 4 min or till the cheese is melted. Perfect for football games or another outing you will have.
I make a similar dish, but since we don't have things like canned chili here, I resort to whole foods (everything homemade). Other than the beans, I make it the same way (without the canned food) and this is quite the treat in our house. It's delicious!! Great recipe!!!!

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