Cranachan (request from Kyles!)

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Nov 16, 2004
This is a summer recipe, but you could use frozen berries or rhubarb or gooseberries and it makes a light dessert after a heavy meal.

1 pint double cream
2 tablespoons clear honey (heather if you can get it)
4 tablespoon natural yoghurt
3 tbsp of Scots whisky
2 oz fine pinhead oatmeal (not rolled oats for breakfast porridge - the fine stuff)
8 oz raspberries

Toast the oatmeal under a hot grill till golden, then leave to cool.

Put cream, whisky and honey honey in a bowl and whip until it forms soft peaks, fold in the yoghurt.

Now assemble in individual glass dishes or a larger glass bowl (it it so pretty that it needs to be seen!)

Put a layer of cream mixture into the bottom of the dish or bowl, then a layer of the toasted pinhead oatmeal, then some fruit, then more cream mix and top off with a thin sprinking of the oatmeal and then a final thin layer of fuit.

Chill thoroughly and enjoy!
OK, if you don't have pinhead oatmeal, could you just buzz some in the food processor to achieve desired grain?
I don't think so, Alix! BUT, you could always try it!

They get toasted during the milling process, and this gives the pinhead stuff a 'nuttier' taste.

Jings (as we Scots would say!) - I hadn't realised just how different our two versions of English and cuisines really ARE!!! 8) :LOL:
DANG! OK, I am Googling pinhead oatmeal. I love learning new stuff Ishbel, sorry if all my questions are really weird. I am SO glad you found the boards, you have a wealth of very cool recipes and information. If I didn't say it before...WELCOME!
Glad you're enjoying them, Alix 8)

I love the cuisine of my own country - but love French and Italian cuisine, too. I've been on lots of cookery courses, I think my career path took a wrong turn somewhere!
Bless you!!!! I can't wait to try it, I have some pinhead oatmeal lurking in the cupboard. We only have the big rolled oats in Australia, but now i live in England I am discovering all the regional differences.
I was telling a friend about the recipe request and she said that she prepares it exactly the same as her mother, who always used porridge oats - ie rolled oats - so.... if you don't have pinhead oatmeal, go ahead and try toasting the porridge - she says her cranachan always gets compliments! It just goes to show that we all make things similar to the way oor Mammies did!

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