Dinner November 11th, 2010

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Leftover lasagna from yesterday. It was very good last night, and should be even better for having sat in the fridge overnight.
will be solo a few days and am thinking of making up a large batch of chicken salad. I can eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner:). I plan a few library excusions and will take some in sandwiches for lunch breaks too.
I love chicken salad like that, too. Beth. Once I get on a chicken salad kick, there's no stopping me. ;)

Dinner tonight? Roasted cod with a lemon-dill rub and sauteed broccoli rabe with onions.
No idea...I need to check the deli when I pick up my coffee this morning. They have great sammies!
Chicken Balti, bombay potato, peshwari naan.
Cardoman icecream

Oh, I LOVE cardamom ice cream. I haven't had it for awhile but now you have me craving it!

Pork Tenderloin of some type for the guys. I am finding that a modified vegetarian diet (some chicken added) is helping my stomach a lot so I think I will do a veggie stir fry for me with some quinoa added. But then again Beth's chicken salad sounds great too!
I have no idea yet. I had leftover soup, from the 15 quarts I made last night, for lunch and I don't want that again for supper. The rest is in the freezer.

If I have noodles, I think I will make tuna-noodle casserole. If not, maybe hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

my chicken salad; a little heavy on the dressing, but the bread I will use is a bit dry, so it may work out okay


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;I'm on a veggie kick so for me I'll have a large baked yam and sloooooooow cooke zsliced zuccini round and sliced onions and a salad of mandarin oranges,raisins,pineapple and a creamy dressing.
I made some scrambled eggs with mushrooms, red pepper and purple onion.

BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the plate!! I would have a little dalop of hot pepper paste and some hot vinegar banana pepper rings on the side. YUMMY!!
I miss VanillaBean!! Does anyone know anything?

Cubed up, dredged and browned bottom round roast. Simmered in beef broth, burgundy wine and mushrooms till tender, broth thickened (with flour and butter mashed to a paste), sour cream stirred in after removing from heat served over mashed taters (red & Yukon, butter, sea salt, ground peppercorns, sour cream & chives added) with a side of steamed & buttered Brussels sprouts.


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