Dinner/Supper 2023 April 4

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Phillies first win of the Season, what a perfect supper to have while we watched!

I sure hope we don't jinx the Season by not eating this for every game :D
I'm having popcorn.

I made the mistake of taking a muscle relaxer at noon for a super sore shoulder and I didn't wake up again until almost 6. Everything is either frozen or will take to long to cook and I'm not that hungry anyway, so if the popcorn isn't enough, I may finish the frozen steak fries in the freezer. I need to make room in the freezer anyway. Grocery shopping tomorrow.
I had plans to make collard greens with bacon and ham, plus a pan of cornbread. By the time I finally finished cleaning the sun room (three days of cleaning spread over eight or nine days), I was too tired to cook everything I had already prepped. Himself ran out for our standby pizza, a deluxe version with all the pepperoni on his side of the pie.
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