Do baked potatoes need refrigerated?

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Mar 5, 2015
Marion, IL
I baked two large potatoes last night and forgot to take them out of the oven. Do I throw them out or are they OK to be eaten today?
I did that once. Well, more than once. :whistlingScrubbed them clean, then threw them on the rack alongside something else I was baking. Took dinner out, turned the oven off, and planned to leave the potatoes in to finish baking with the residual heat. Remembered them when I went to get them out of the refrigerator for the next evening's dinner. Used them, ate them, we're both alive. Never did get as much as a burp from them. That was our experience. You might have a different one, so use at your own risk.
I am somewhat surprised by the number of members who do not read who is posting the question and how long that person has been a member.

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