do you start out mking one thing and then make a completely

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Aug 24, 2004
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...different dish?
i do that all of the time. when i went to the store, i had nachos and cheese with tomatoes, chiles and scallions on my mind.
i got to the store and bought the tomatoes and scallions, gouda and pop, braunsweiger and blueberries, strawberries and chicken breast.... basically a basketful of things that had little or nothing to do with the nachos i was to make for dinner.
i forgot the chiles. i forgot the nachos. so then i was gonna use some jalapenos i had at home and some nachos i'd seen on the countertop.. on the way home i decided i was gonna make chicken nachos w/ all the other stuff.
the chips were stale. the chicken was already cooking, so i just let it go.
i also had a pot full of cheese sauce. it was weak so i started adding other cheeses. then i decided the texture was just right for macaroni and cheese. so i found some pasta that would take the cheeses sauce and hold it well.
but then i had to do something with the chicken, so i shredded it. my Dad saw what i was doing and handed me some corn and some flour tortillas, so i added tomato and scallion and jalapenos and garlic and i guess i'll be having that for a snack later.
either that or fruit and cheese or cold poached salmon... :D
so my dinner that started as nachos and cheese somehow evolved into mini penne w/ cheese.
luvs. I wish I can come up with things like that. I have to get it straight out of a book. I might put differ things in my recipes but never can come up with one ever. I only wish my mind worked like that.
A couple years ago, for Christmas dinner, I set out to make a dinner for a freind, her boyfriend, and his three kids. Needless to say, I needed a hit for all. I decided on cornish game hens ... kids love having something all their own. I had a variety of side dishes, and was going to do the hens a l'orange. But then, while we were talking, I learned the kids all loved oriental food. I grabbed a kid and turned the orange sauce into an oriental sauce (very easy), and the meal was a huge hit because the kids participated. The relationship fell apart anyway, but we sure as heck had a lot of fun that night!! A sort of French meal turned into an Asian meal (we also adjusted the side dishes), amid much laughter and fun!
Last few month I’ve been making horrible chicken soup, (due to lousy chickens, I’ve picked up the whole box on sale, extremely cheap) so after I’m done and taste the darn thing and I do not like it I start changing into something addible, like veggie soup, borscht or something similar, where a lot of veggies will kill the horrible taste or add enough flavor to overpower the flavor it had before.
This often happens to me when it turns out Im out of an ingredient I needed or when something is lower quality than I expected (Like CharlieD said) but I usually try to stick to a concept.
I tend to shop weekly, with one particular meal in mind (be it a company dinner or brunch, or the fact that hubby and I usually plan one really nice meal together ... don' t get me wrong, I cook every night, and we eat together virtually every meal. Just that one day a week I'll really go all out with the wine, etc), then just keep the pantry and fridge stocked. So there's a lot of, "Oh, asparagus is on sale, I'll buy some ..." and have one thing in mind, maybe, but when the day arrives to cook it, I'll look in the fridge and pantry and change the entire concept.
I do it alot. I even have trouble shopping because I can't make my mind up about what I am going to cook for the next few days. I even use a list. I will pick up some spare ribs,,,place them in my cart and then put them back and get chicken instead...then the chicken goes back and I get a pork roast instaed...finally I will go back and get the ribs. No crapola :!:
My wife staterd to make Hamburger Gravy to be served on mashed potatoes but made Shepherds Pie instead. Sure was yummy!

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