Does any one else on Discuss Cooking practice intermittent fasting?

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Hoo boy. I actually read the title of this thread and thought it said "Does anyone else on Discuss Cooking practice intermittent FEASTING?"

And I was like "Um... yeah. Don't we all?" :LOL:

And people think that Saturday Night Live is funny? They should check out Saturday nights at DC!:ROFLMAO:

About a year and a half before our kids graduated high school I decided I didn't want to be the chubbiest Mom at their ceremonies. I first started walking, roughly a mile a day. A few months later I started to reduce my caloric intake using the "Everything in Moderation" diet. Basically, common sense eating. Dropped 40 pounds in 18 months and kept it off. Well, until we moved from family and friends and I went into depression eating mode... IMO you don't have to fast if you eat responsibly (most every day).
I am old enough to remember all the crazy diets that came and went. Anyone remember the grapefruit died? Eat only grapefruits. Then there is the Atkins diet. Eat all the red meat, no carbs. Sure, clog your arteries, raise your blood pressure. You get the idea. Someone writes a book and needs to sell it. So they appear on all the talk shows, etc.

Sorry folks, I practice eating what is right for diabetes. I eat a lot of veggies and fruits, maybe a little meat once or twice a week. If I fast, I get shaky, my sugar drops to a dangerous level, and I am in trouble. I am Madison Avenue's worst enemy. I don't buy every thing that is the latest and greatest. Sooner or later some doctor will come along and tell the people that this idea is dangerous. They always do. Fasting is an old idea. A very old idea. It is an idea that is tied to religious practices from the Middle Ages. Monks have been fasting for years and years. :angel:
Atkins is low carb, not no carb. Back a few years Stirling and I went on the Atkins diet. I lost 50 lbs in about a half. We had had our cholesterol levels measured before we started and we were both in the good range. We had the levels measured again after a year or so of following the Atkins diet. We both had even better results. YMMV.
IIRC the original Atkins diet over 40 years ago was no-carb. Pretty much protein only. All I know is I tried it once to drop a few pounds so I looked better in a swimsuit (took SCUBA classes, one of two girls out of a dozen get the pic;)) and I could't go to the bathroom for 3 days.:ohmy: Never again on a diet that eliminates an entire food group or two...
Low carb dieting is not no carb dieting. Even Atkins is low carb, and they suggest that you add in carbs until you get to a point where you can still lose weight while eating some carbs. Some veggies are very low carb, and very good for you as well. Eating more protein does not necessarily give you high cholesterol levels. Eating sugar (high carbs) can cause your cholesterol levels to climb, however.
The purpose of my post was simply to say "One diet does not fit all." And that is what these books and doctors are saying. Soorner or later someone will come along to refute it and then another one will come down the pike. History just keep repeating itself over and over. :angel:
This may sound ridiculous to some of you but fasting works for me. I can go on for days without taking any carbs and just drink water. In five days I reach my goal.
This may sound ridiculous to some of you but fasting works for me. I can go on for days without taking any carbs and just drink water. In five days I reach my goal.

And then what?
There after i maintain my weight by eating low-carb food and drink water after every meal. Basically fasting helps me to shed couple of kilos off my body very quickly.
Fasting works for many people. I had a health check up this week and am at a healthy weight with a healthy bmi , cholesterol is fine, blood pressure fine , glucose levels fine, all good healthy levels. There are definite health benefits with fasting , but losing weight is your first health benefit ! If we all ate in moderation , all the time , then there would be no need for any diets, but we don't do we ? So we have to find something that works for us , and fasting works for me .
I learned in college nutrition courses that fasting doesn't work. Particularly a day here and there because it puts your body in starvation mode and your body won't burn down your stores of calories and fats.

I try not to eat when I'm not hungry. It doesn't make much sense to cram your face when your body isn't indicating you require it.

What has really helped me lose weight and keep it off is not eating when I'm distracted, so I'm aware of when I get full. Watching my calories and fat intake ALL the time, not just here and there or on a certain day. And filling up on salad and celery and other low calorie, high fiber foods to take up the bulk of the room in the stomach so I can cut back on portions of higher calorie stuff. I also snack on salad and veggies.

High protein doesn't really help me feel full but if it did, I would make sure to get a good amount of that as well.

Drinking a lot of water also helps me feel full and eat less and it's better than drinking juice, soda, tea, etc. loaded with calories.

I don't really have energy to exercise because of sleep problems so this has worked for me.
I think the best advice I ever received was to eat a salad about twenty minutes before you eat your main entree. It takes your stomach that long to know it has food and to dispel any hunger pains you may have had. Since most of your calorie intake is after the salad, you eat less of the high calorie foods. On nights I would make beans for the family, I would serve a salad first mainly so that they got some veggie type of food in their tummies. Little did I know I was actually doing more than a good thing. After all the beans contained sugar and molasses. Unfortunately for me, I no longer can eat raw roughage. Too bad. Because I have always loved salad. But about once a year I will tear up a small head of lettuce, pour ranch dressing over it and let it soak until it is mostly mushy lettuce. Not the most appetizing but I get some of my beloved salad in me. Then I pay the consequences. And it is worth it to me. I know! :wacko: I am. :angel:
Fasting does work though . In particular I am referring to the Dr Michael Mosely 5:2 diet . Your body is not put into starvation mode . This diet really does make the body work to use the fat stores and offers so many health benefits like reduced cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and the reversal of type 2 diabetes . It works for so many people who have tried to diet before and failed, there is a real science behind it (check it out online, Michael Mosely can explain it so much better ) . I belong to a 5:2 forum and the results speak for themselves so many people are losing weight and improving their health , myself included .
I don't fast because when I was a teenager and into my adult years did a lot of fasting to control my weight. I developed many health issues among them anorexia.
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