Does any one else on Discuss Cooking practice intermittent fasting?

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When this thread came around the first time, I wasn't doing intermittent fasting. I started intermittent fasting in September 2019 and still do it. I lost somewhere between 20 and 25 kgs without restricting the types of food I eat and without going hungry. It supposedly has other health benefits too.

I started it not long after I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip. The doctor mentioned that losing the excess weight would help with the arthritis. Well, something sure helped. I don't feel it anymore other than the occasional tiny twinge. When I do, I cut all nightshades (except chilies) out of my diet for a few days and watch them a bit more carefully for a week or so.
I do, but not to lose weight. If I eat after 17 pm I don't sleep during the night due to not having a colon. So I rarely eat between 17 in the afternoon and 07.00 in the morning.
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