Dog ate Turkey all day.

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Aug 24, 2004
Long Island, New York, USA
I know I'm going to have trouble all week now. Anyone ever give their dog (or cat) table food only to have the pet refuse THEIR FOOD later. My dog will look me straight into the eye after I put down HER food and REFUSE FOR THE WHOLE DAY AND MAYBE THE NEXT any dog food I give her after I give her some table food. Its like she's telling me "This is not for me, who do you think I am, give me what you gave me yesterday!!!"

I also read somewhere that TURKEY SKIN is poisionous for the dog? I did'nt give any, anyone ever hear or read that?
never heard about turkey skin being bad for them. i always give my dog and cats tablefood but they never gave me any problems about eating their own food. i guess mine just love to eat lol. though i do have a problem with my cats being very finnicly about their food. i can never switch brands otherwise they won't eat.
Don't give in - she'll eat when she gets hungry enough! When we do give table scraps, we mix 'em in with the regular dog food, so they get some of each.

And if turkey skin is poison for animals, I've got 4 critter ghosties cavorting around the house! :LOL:
They've been snacking on turkey, stuffing and giblets for 2 days now. Gets mixed in to their regular food.

They have eaten skin for years.
Deb, I saw the turkey vs dog post somewhere on here and wondered about it...mine didn't get any this year, but they have had bits in the past with no problem and our family dog when I was a kid - she NEVER hardly got dog food - she ate what the rest of us ate and lived to be a fairly old who knows, what we lived well on in the past is now considered poison!!

Does anyone else remember big meals at Grandma's house and everything left on the stove top from lunch for stragglers and supper? Were we lucky then or are we a bunch of weaklings now?????
She was bringing me the ball all day. When she brings me the ball and I throw and she brings it back to me without any struggle, I give her a treat. Today when I gave her the treat, she drops it from her mouth onto the floor and lies down looking at it. SHE LOVES THE TREAT but SHE WANTS MORE TURKEY, NOT TREAT. Every time I'm in the kitchen cooking or dishing up something, I feel these little feet punching me in back of my calves. Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never give Bridget turkey skin because that is where most of the seasonings are concentrated. However, she has dibs on the giblets and also has her share of the turkey proper. On a daily basis, she has Pedigree canned dog food in the mornings and then whatever meat (except ham) we are having for dinner.
I'd like to chime in here...

As far as turkey skin being bad for a dog, I can't see that to be true. Maybe after the seasoning has taken effect but the skin in and of itself is not bad for a dog.

Moist canned food, however, is not the greatest food to be giving any pet. Most canned food containes an enormous amount of sodium and nitrates. Plus, the preservatives in most canned food aren't good for pets either. It may be good for the coat but terrible for the teeth and blood.

I breed Labs and I only feed my dog and cats dry food and table scraps once in a while (the cats LOVE tomatoes :D ) Dogs adn cats are carnivores (sp) so meat, typically chicken, beef, and fish, are excellent sources of many nutrients. The only reason I feel an animal should eat canned food is if they already have dental problems whereas they can not chew kibble style food or if they are getting on in years and it is time for their "last meal".

I'm not trying to point fingers. If people want to feed their pets wet food than go for it. I am no veterinarian. My choice of food is Ukanuba dry. The animals always clean their plates (bowls).

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