Dying Angel Food Cake?

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Apr 4, 2011
Hello, I had a question about dying angel food cake. I have made rainbow cakes in the past, and usually I just add the dye after the batter has been made. I wanted to try to make a rainbow angel food cake and was wondering if anyone had suggestions regarding when to add the dye to the batter to ensure that the egg whites remain in working order (i noticed that if I mix them too much after folding them into the dry ingredients, they lose volume and beating the batter after the fact doesn't always help). Should I add the dye to the egg whites before folding? Or should I mix the dye in post-folding? Should I try to dilute the gel dye in something so that it mixes more smoothly? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!
Are you going to do swirls of different color or try to sort of layer different colors?

If layers, can you do a test to see if the dye interferes with whipping the egg whites? I think that would probably be the best way to go. Then obviously just divide up the egg whites and the batter equally to finish folding in.

If swirls, do the test and then I think I would take some egg white out for each color before you are done beating, leaving about half white, finish the beating with the colors added. Then, I'd fold in the white gently to lighten the batter, then make plops of the different colors (probably no more than 3, maybe 4) and finish folding trying not to mix the colors too much.

I did some more research last night and it seems like the best way to dye the entire cake is to add the dye to the unbeaten egg whites (because that is the only liquid-like ingredient in the recipe) so that it mixes well with them before they expand. I saw one other dyed angel food cake recipe and they did that. The color looked a little grainy because they tried to use minimal dye but I have a feeling the gel colors + egg whites will combine well with the fine cake flour and superfine sugar.
To dye in two or more colors, pink and blue for instance, separate your beaten egg white batter into two different bowls, add a single food coloring to each (one or two drops at most), and when you're ready to bake, gently, and with a minimum of effort , fold the two together with only one or two swirls to give a marble effect, yet not muddle the two colors together. Carefully and slowly pour into your cake pan without any more stirring. Bake.

DON'T try pouring them separately and then folding after they are in the baking pan. Always do that while still in a mixing bowl in order to get a nice swirl effect.
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