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Andy M.

Certified Pretend Chef
Sep 1, 2004
It appears one of the latest food fads is everything bagel topping. NOT everything bagels, no, just the topping. Now they put that shxx on everything! It's a race to discover what new food you can 'improve" by adding everything bagel topping to it.

Grumpy Old Man out!
A lot of salt in this so care is advised. A little goes a long way.

We use it on cottage cheese, bagels, etc.


I'd be put off by all the crunchy bits. Kinda like you dropped your food in the dirt then picked it up and ate it.
Like its shirt- tale relative Pumpkin Spice, it goes on everything including new tires, Putting Everything bagel topping on your snow tires may provide extra traction during wintery days. And if it has so much added salt, it may help clear the roads too. A real saving.
Yeah, it's a leetle ridiculous. It does make a nice addition to bread or rolls, though. The crunchy bits get rehydrated from the steam during baking.
For me, any dried up, almost burnt, toppings are a turn-off. That's why, when I make onion bagels, I mix onion powder and toasted onion flakes into the dough.
i'm also a fan of the spice mixes i see sold but they all have a ton of salt.

That's why I search for copycat versions of most of those, if I want to use them. The two exceptions I can think of (that don't usually include salt) are "herbes de Provence" and "fine herbes". We even mix our own chili powder.

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