Face Shield over Onion Goggles for protection

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Feb 24, 2017
Looking into getting a face shield I wondered if it would be a good upgrade from the Onion Googles that I use to protect myself from splashing in my eyes ?

I am already used to wearing the goggles any time I feel as though food my plash into my face, but they only protect my eyes, but a face shield would protect my entire face !

Has anybody been cooking with one on, does it fog up, stop one smelling and tasting the food, is it a good substitute for goggles ?
Are you expecting a spitting cobra to drop by while you are cooking? Maybe you should also consider a Tyvak hazmat suit?
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I don't feel any need to protect my face from the food I'm cooking. If food is splashing in your face, lowering your heat settings should help. I have a splatter shield I use when I'm sautéing food that can cause fat to splatter out of the pan. An added benefit is that it helps keep the stovetop clean.

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