Fine day for a brisket

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Cliff H.

Master Chef
Mar 18, 2006
Jonesboro, Arkansas
I'm off so that makes it a fine day for a brisket. I am giving Kosmo's beef injection a try on this 13lb CAB packer.

Going high heat so I can eat tonight.

I have done high heat before but I am not really having to worry about it much today. The wind is sucking all the heat out of my wsm and I am to lazy to put up a wind break. Average grate temp is 280. Brisket is at 152 after 4 hours.
Looks good Cliff. Condlences on the hot and fast deal. Now for all the bullet smokers I ever owned a #2 washtub turned upside down over the top with a stick or two of firewood or bricks on top of the tub (actually the bottom) works wonders in the wind and rain. Seems like it should help on wind alone. Now I done tole you'uns about the 55 gallon barrell dunked down over the top. Feller can cook in a combo blizzard and tornado in that configuration. It turn that WSM into a Tandori Oven if you want:) Suspect the tub would suffice in the situation as described. Now if that dont work turn the tub right side up and stick the bottom of the cooker down in the tub. Yeppers that might work too or even mo betta..providing it could fit in the tub etc. You might need two tubs as per one for each end. :shock:

Smokey Lew said:
I've never tried injection before. Let us know how you like the Kosmo's. Have you shot up with anything else that you've had good results with?

I have been using beef broth and wooster for a while now. I am trying to get as much of a beefy flavor as I can.

This injection does use msg. My rub has 1% msg so I had to back off of the recomended dosage of Kosmo's.
bman said:
Looks great and moist. What temp were you looking for?

I quit measuring internal temp at 195. From there I was looking for the probe to slide in with little resistance. That happend when the internal temp measured 207. I would have gone higher so long as the probe felt sticky.

I also would have pulled it sooner had the probe slide in easy.
Good advice; clearly requires a lot of experience to know when it 'feels' done. Awesome.

What about cooker temp? I have always gone low and slow (225-250), and the WSM seems to like that a lot, at least when you roll Minion.

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