Flatbread Stuffed with Cheese and Potato

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
I actually made the 2 parts to this bread on Monday. Just got around to finishing it today. My technique needs a bit of work on but still good non-the-less.

Flatbread, Cheese and Potato stuffed 23.08.11.jpg

I rolled out the final just a bit too much. Absolutely filled my 10" CI pan. It is quite soft while cooking and made it difficult to flip. My nemesis the induction burner, did not help too much either. Turn it up, turn it down.... actually burnt it a tiny bit, but sitll ok,

Any how, was very tasty especially with the maple syrup (don't have any hone) takes it over the top!

Flatbread with Cheese and Potato

by Chef John, so watch the video as it really makes it look so simple! A few steps but very simple. I like I was able to spread out the work, from baking the potatoes to making the dough.

Sorry, not a good picture and should have taken more of the steps.... next time, she said.
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