Forum 101 - Posting basics, account help

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If you have answers, please help by responding to the unanswered posts.
User titles that display below your username reflect your post count

Here's the scheme:

Assistant Cook = 0
Cook = 50
Senior Cook = 100
Sous Chef = 500
Head Chef = 1000
Executive Chef = 2500
Master Chef = 5000
Chef Extraordinaire = 10000
Watched Threads and Posts - Subscriptions

You can set up alerts and subscription notices via email to your favorite threads via your profile settings or by clicking the "watch" link from an open thread.

To locate your watched topics, click on the upper nav bar options to find watched threads and posts.


Here's a direct link to to the watched thread page: On this page you can control your notification option, either enabling email or alerts after you login or no notices at all.

The "Find Threads" option on that same menu will help you fins threads you've posted to or started.
I don't think there is an option that will notify you if you have not posted in that thread or specifically tagged the thread to be watched by you.

(or maybe we're just talking behind your back?) :LOL: :ROFLMAO: ;)
I stand corrected... again! Thanks CG.

That "Alerts" list is a lot longer than I remembered. I've always had my
"Alerts" on so didn't realize they had become so specific.

so there you go Kgirl, clic away on them!

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