(Francesco) Lollobrigida's (Italy's minister of agriculture) crusade against the enemies of Italian food

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May 9, 2007
Southeastern Virginia
I saw this on Twitter - it's a real proposal. I can only see part of the article because of course I don't have a subscription. Thought it was pretty funny, though.


  • The tragicomic initiative of the Meloni government which wants to control Italian restaurants in the world. The minister wants to organize a task force of tasters around the globe.
  • What is not understood is what the members of the task force will be able to do, once the non-correspondence between the dishes offered by these restaurants and the true Italian tradition has been ascertained. Will they be able to make a scene?
  • The most interesting thing, however, would be to know whether or not inspections are also foreseen for Italian restaurants in Italy, which very often offer cuisine of an even lower quality level than many Italian restaurants abroad.

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Apr 12, 2023
WOW! 😮 they are super touchy about authentic and traditional recipes in Italy. If you are ever looking for a great laugh, go into an Italian cuisine facebook group and make a comment about carbonara- sit back and enjoy 🤭

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