Freezing homemade pierogi question.

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Dec 25, 2006
Long Island, New York
Sometime this week Ill be making pierogi. The last time I did this i used the dough from one recipe and the filling from the other, and they came out great. The recipe will make a few dozen pierogi, so i would like to freeze some for later use. The problem is, one recipe says to freeze them after cooking, the other says to freeze them before cooking. My cooking common sense tells me to freeze them before cooking, but I just want others input before i screw something up. ( dough is basic flour, water, salt, egg, sour cream) ( filling potato, fried onions, salt , pepper, cheese)

Hi Larry,
If I put my two cents in, will you send me some? I LOVE pierogis! Anyway, I think I would freeze them before cooking. Before freezing, you might want to dust them with a little flour to keep them from sticking together in the freezer bag, or whatever they'll be stored in. Good Luck!
Larry, freeze before cooking. I put mine on a piece of waxed paper on a cookie sheet. When they are all frozen nice and solid I transfer them to a ziploc baggie. I usually make a LOT at one time so this process can be a bit time consuming. I'd love to know which recipes you used.
Go for it works great
I freeze them all the time.
I boil them first , place on a rack or towel to get water off. then I lay them single layer on cookie sheet cover with plastic wrap till frozen then place in freezer bags so i can get as many or few as i want out.
to cook them i let them thaw or drop them back into boiling water for a few mins. and then fry them with onions etc.
When I freeze homemade ravioli (sorta the same) I freeze them before cooking. That would be the safe solution. You could also try freezing a couple of leftover cooked ones to see how it works.
Well, when my daughter gets home from school, we'll get to work making them, then freezing. Let you know how they turn out. Any other filling suggestions welcome .

One way to prepare them is to boil for 20 minutes and then fry in butter with browned onions. A dipping sauce for the fried pierogies can be made from soy sauce thickened with ground ginger.
I ususally free mine before coking. Just have to arange them so they do not touch each other at the initial stage of freezing, then when they are all frozen you can put them in a ziplock bagy. But I do not seen real problem with feezing them when they are cooked. Tough I would not recomend to keep them nearly as long in the freezer if they were cooked, compare to uncooked.
As far as filling goes, there are so many. Potatoe, Cheese, potato and cheese together. Mushrooms with fried onions, tart cheries, use the canned ones, or any other berries for that matter, egg and green onion made in to an omlet. As far as vegetarian stuff, that is peobably all I do.
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fillings: potato & cheese, saurkaut,
to eat: fry in butter with onions and eat with the fried onions ans sour cream.
My mother in law would put mustard on her's (eww)
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