Fresh hog casings

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Jun 27, 2021
West End, Nc
Does anyone have a source for fresh 32-25mm hog casings? I used to buy them from a small butcher in California but since moving to NC can not find any. They call North Carolina the hog state....not these days. I’ve tried three brands of salted casings and all of them were horrible. The first had a metallic taste. The next was okay but had a weird taste and the last batch were so tough you could not bite through the them. And that was after soaking them for 24 hours and flushing them for an hour.
Try Amazon. They sell virtually everything.

I just chcked. They sell hog, sheep, and collagen casings.
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Thanks to all

Thank you for the replies. The company in NY is just what I needed, thanks Chief. Amazon has just about everything...but the natural casings are all salt pack (Dehydrated) not fresh. As well beware if you do not purchase an entire hank when you buy casings you will be getting shorts from most manufacturers. The shorts tend to be ends and they are smaller than the stated sizes. Therefore a 32-35mm is more like a 29-33mm. And it can be hard to thread them on a 35 suffer for sausages. As well since they are shorts you will be making runs of 7 or so sausages each section.
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